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Set Up: Wednesday, May 6th, 12:00pm – 6:00pm / Thursday, May 7th, 7:00am – 10:00am

Expo Booth: Measurement is approximately 8’X10’ and  includes:

· 8’ high back curtain and 3’ high side curtains
· 8’ Table with fire retardant cloth skirt and white plastic top
· Two folding chairs and One Wastebasket
· One sign with company name imprinted
Extra items may be ordered through Fosters.

Electricity: Bring a surge protector and extension cord! The exhibitor assumes all responsibility for equipment damage caused by power issues. Electricity is only available to those who have ordered it in advance.

Please note: After 9:45am, no access through the loading doors will be available. All equipment must be set up by 9:45am. All cars MUST BE REMOVED from the front of the building, and other areas that are not designated parking areas. SUNY will strictly enforce this, so please plan ahead!!!

Please do not leave valuable items that could be easily taken. Other exhibitors will be in and out of the Field House and it's impossible to know what belongs to whom!!

Food:  Snacks and Lunch may be purchased at the Expo in the Lobby area.

Dismantling:Thursday, May 7th NO EARLIER THAN 4:30pm. There is no security in the building on the evening of June 6th so you must remove all of your belongings after the show.

Do not exceed the wattage allotments that you specified on your electrical application. Please bring along extension cords and surge protectors in case you need them. If you need any type of electricity, you must complete this form - Click Here

Keep all isles clear. Do not extend your booth beyond the designated space.

Absolutely no helium balloons are allowed in the Field House! 

BE PREPARED!!! Bring moving carts, paper towels, hooks, pins, tape, scissors, batteries, and anything you might need to set up your booth. Don’t forget a supply of business cards to hand out throughout the day.

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