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The Myth Busters are back. This time, it’s our friends from Fesette Realty! Check out these Business Expo Myths and learn the truth….

Myth: I can promote my business by walking around.

Busted: When you are walking around as an attendee, you are there to see what the exhibitors have to offer. If you want to promote your own business you must have a booth. And this year, the Expo is open to Exhibitors Only from 10 – Noon with exclusive exhibitor-to-exhibitor networking sessions designed to connect you with the other exhibitors.

 Myth: I don’t want to be stuck in one spot all day.

Busted: You won’t be! All exhibitors will be in the exclusive networking session from 10 – 11:45. And Happy Hour networking starts at 3:45, so most people start wandering at that time. Which means, you really only have to be in your booth from 12 – 3:30. You can move around a talk to your neighbors while “manning” your booth as well.

 Myth: I don’t have anything to display.

Busted: You can always find something! If you need inspiration, ideas, or suggestions, call the Chamber at 563-1000.

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