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Exhibitor Networking at Business Expo / 10am - Noon /  Exhibitors Only 

Networking is the key to growing and building relationships and the Business Expo is the perfect place to make new business contacts! See it in action here.

How It Works

Meet us in the center Networking Area at 10am Sharp. Participants will be seated at tables in the Networking Area. Eash person has one minute to say a few words about themselves, their company, etc. When the bell rings, we will move on to the next person. Then we'll all switch tables and start again with new contacts! 

Have a One-Minute Pitch Ready

Prepare a short “pitch”, practice it, and practice it again. Your name, company, and something you want people to know about your products & services. You have ONE MINUTE, so make it count! (Learn more about the Pitch)

Feel free to tell them about an Expo Special or something you have going on at your booth. You can also hand out business cards, coupons, etc.

Be Ready To Listen

Since networking is a two way process, it is important to listen carefully to everyone at the table to make sure you understand their situation and so you can offer advice or referrals whenever possible.

Can you have more than one participant from each Exhibitor booth?

Sure! This will be a HUGE session, and you won't have time to meet everyone, so feel free to send more than one person. Be sure to start at different tables, so you will meet different people.

The Expo is open to Exhibitors Only from 10 - Noon, so even if you are the only person staffing your booth, you can still participate in this session! You do not have to be in your booth at this time.

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