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Plan Ahead for Your Most Successful Expo Ever!

A few things to think about for Business Expo:

Set Up Info

Speed Networking Session

Door Prizes: Almost all exhibitors will have door prizes, because it is an excellent way to collect business cards and contact information for future follow-up. New this year - we'll have an ONLINE PRIZE BOARD that allows you to post winners throughout the day. Attendees can check this during the Expo to see if they have won. To maximize your return on investment, we suggest doing multiple small prizes - rather than one large prize.

Plan to give away several prizes per hour and post them regularly between 12 - 4. That will give people an opportunity to COME BACK to your booth to pick up their prize. Example: Do drawings every half hour (between 12:30 - 4:00) for a prize worth $10, rather than one drawing at the end for a prize woth $70. As people are entering your drawing, remind them to check the Online Prize Board to see if they win. Then they have to come back to your booth to claim their prize. Questions? Call Jody at 563-1000.

Start the Hype! Get people excited about your booth by posting on Social Media. Give them hints about what you plan to do, let them know about Expo Specials you may have, Invite them to stopy by your booth to enter the prize drawing, etc.

We look foward to seeing you at Business Expo! 


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