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5/19/2020  - Office Ergonomics

Location: North Country Chamber of Commerce
Address: 7061 State Route 9 Plattsburgh NY 12901
Start Time: 8:00 AM - End Time: 4:30 PM
Member Price: $14.00 / Non-Member Price: $14.00

Office Ergonomics

This workshop will provide education to help reduce the risk of Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTD) and other musculoskeletal injuries and is designed specifically for employees who work in an office setting.  We will teach safe work behavior and ergonomics that can be applied to any workstation at your office.  We will also teach appropriate stretching and injury prevention strategies that can be performed on the job.  Emphasis will be placed on motivating employees to accept responsibility for the set-up of their workstations and the care of their bodies.  They will be taught the misconception of “ergonomic equipment” as the primary solution for aches and pains.  This is a positive, dynamic, interactive, and educational experience for all participants. 

The outline of the workshop is as follows:

Part I.  Introduction of Ergonomics – Understanding Why Injuries Occur

Part II.  Body as a Machine – Staying Healthy and Productive

Part III.  Office Ergonomics and Injury Prevention Training – Being in Your Mind and Body

Part IV.    Sit/Stand workstation education- A review of the literature - when is it appropriate?

Part IV.  Stretching and injury prevention strategies

Part V.  Questions/Answers

Included in this training will be a focus on providing employees/employers with the information they need to know to be informed consumers of sit to stand workstations (for example Pneumatic or Varidesks options). 

· Attendees will be educated on the pros vs. cons of standing stations and considerations, based on their own bodies, as to whether static standing at their workstation is the best option for them.

· This training helps employees understand the research around static standing at a computer workstation, appropriate heights for standing work and ergonomic considerations to prevent discomfort or injury with standing.

· We will also discuss the fact that standing at a computer workstation is not appropriate or the best option for all employees.

· This training information will help save the employer from purchasing underutilized or unnecessary equipment.   

Following the workshop, participants should be able to: Understand their role in injury prevention; understand how the body works; understand how fatigue and poor biomechanics lead to injury; be able to set up a safe work environment to promote safe work practices; apply ergonomic concepts to both sitting and standing workstations, apply stretching techniques; and understand that “ergonomic equipment” is only a minor part of the injury management solution.

Instructor: Charles Alexander, Injury & Health Management Solutions

Funding Provided By: New York State Occupational Safety and  Health Hazard Abatement Board through the OSH T+E Fund

· Registration fee includes cost of meals/refreshments

· Certificate of Achievement will be given to attendees for each class completed.

· Cancellation must be received 3 days before day of seminar and may be subject to refund charges & no shows will be charged


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