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The Chamber offers several great advertising and networking opportunites to get the most exposure possible. Below is a quick list of some of the options available.

TODAY'S DOSE E-NEWSLETTER - You can now advertise in the Chamber’s e-newsletter. This goes to all Chamber members twice a week. View opportunities and contact Adriana at 563-1000 or to reserve your date! 

THE CHAMBER NEED TO KNOW - If you're target market is business people, consider advertising through the Chamber newsletter. NEED TO KNOW is delivered to nearly 1,600 prime business contacts each month, and is the perfect way to reach other Chamber members. Placements may be entered in the NEED TO KNOW, for $200 (additional costs for colored copies). Not-for-profit members receive a discount making the cost only $100.  If you'd like more information about doing a placement, please call the Chamber to reserve a place. You supply the copies and we’ll mail your information to thousands of potential customers!

DIRECTORY ADVERTISING - As members, you may purchase display advertisements in the Membership Directory & Buyer's Guide.  This Directory is published once a year and lists our members categorically and alphabetically. We begin putting this book together in September each year, so call in the fall if you'd like more info. 

EVENT SPONSORSHIPS - The Chamber offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities throughout the year. Cash sponsorships are available for events like Business After Hours, Golf Tournament, Car Show, Business Expo, Annual Dinner, St. Patrick's Day Breakfast,  Taste of the North Country, and select seminars. Or, if you would rather put your product into people's hands, you may donate prizes for a number of our events. Either way, you will get your name out and let people know you're supporting your Chamber and your community.

SIGNAGE AT THE CHAMBER OFFICE - Indoor Lobby Advertising: $300/year. The Chamber hosts many business meetings throughout the year, as well as greeting thousands of visitors. Whether you offer business related services, or tourism-related services, you can get more exposure by taking advantage of our Lobby Advertising.

OUTDOOR KIOSK ADVERTISING - $500/year. Our Outdoor Kiosk is available to visitors 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, all year long. Reach thousands of people who stop by the Chamber after regular business hours and on weekends by hanging a sign in our kiosk.

BROCHURE DISTRIBUTION - Travel and tourism related brochures are sent to potential visitors requesting information about our area. They may also be distributed at travel and trade shows throughout the year, allowing you to reach markets you've never reached before.

All members receive a free brochure space in our lobby. Business people and tourists are constantly flowing through the Chamber lobby, so this is a prime location for any business.

MAILING LABELS - For those who want to do a direct mail piece, Chamber mailing labels are available. You can choose from: 1)The main contact list - about 1400 people ($125)  2) TheVISION list - about 1700 people  ($125) or 3) The Chamber & Partner list which includes our North Country Business Council partners including approximately  3300 people. ($175). We can sort them by zip code for your bulk mailing convenience. You may also purchase mailing lists and labels for the Motor Coach and Tourism Industry. Please call Adriana at 563-1000 for more information.

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