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Annual Progress Report 2020



  1. We will continue to support and strengthen our award winning Clinton-Franklin-Essex Chapter of SCORE and recruit new mentors around our region.
  2. We will build upon our partnership with the Adirondack Economic Development Corp. and the SBDC,         offering small business educational programs and workshops throughout our region in tangent with SCORE, and will seek to partner with and others as appropriate.
  3. We will conduct a comprehensive Small Business Survey for feedback and guidance.
  4. We will continue to build our region's participation in Small Business Saturday.
  5. We will continue our commitment to such basic benefits as our Small Business Answer Service, our Lending Library, our connections and collaborations with the U.S. Small Business Administration and Empire State Development, and services such as referrals.
  6. We will continue to work with the state and others to expand the pool of MWBE certified businesses, contractors and professionals in the North Country, helping to attract and retain more state contract and grant dollars in the North Country.


  1. We remain committed to the goal of membership growth and the maintenance of high retention rates in our membership, including strong support from all board members.
  2. Our Ambassador Corps will be kept active and strong as a key part of interaction with our customers throughout the year.
  3. We will continuously review and update all Chamber events, and will seek both excellence and growth for each event in 2020.
  4. We will continually review and update our websites and our various social media outlets to seek effective communications and engagement.
  5. We will maintain and build our network of regional Partnerships with ROOST, the Saranac Lake Area Chamber, the Malone Chamber, the Tupper Lake Chamber, the Whiteface Visitors Bureau the Ticonderoga Area Chamber, the Schroon Lake Chamber, the North Warren Chamber, the Gore Mountain Regional Chamber, the Stony Creek Chamber, the Adirondack-Speculator Regional Chamber, the Indian Lake Chamber, the Akwesasne Chamber and the Inlet Business Association.
  6. It continues to be the Chamber's goal to sustain and expand its financial base, primarily through the generation of new or expanded non-dues revenues of various kinds. The Chamber will also continue to seek and be prepared to pursue appropriate opportunities to engage in contract services, directly or via its subsidiaries. Our underlying approach to Chamber finances and management shall continue to be entrepreneurial in spirit, attitude and practice. The strengthening and expansion of the Chamber's financial capacity shall be a priority in 2020 as we   reaffirm our strategic and service commitments.


  1. Our Chamber accepts its co-leadership role in the continued development of the Quebec-New York Corridor, and will continue to fulfill that role with determination and enthusiasm.
  2. We remain fully and aggressively committed to the maintenance and enhancement of optimal border fluidity for all modes of transportation, fulfilling and preserving our vision of a true "Port of Excellence" in terms of facilities, staffing, technology, services and attitudes. 
  3. We will continue our successful partnership with the Montreal Chamber of Commerce, including seminars for Canadian businesspeople on how to successfully do business in the U.S., and we will be pleased to work appropriately with other Quebec organizations and agencies as well. This will include workshops at several Quebec sites with our partners at the FCCQ.
  4. Our efforts to broaden and deepen economic connectivity and integration within the Quebec-New York bi-national region will continue to be multi-faceted, aggressive and innovative.
  5. We will oversee continued implementation of the Longueuil-Plattsburgh Declaration of Cooperation, including a third Rendezvous Longueuil-Plattsburgh in Plattsburgh in 2020
  6. We will co-organize a second International Trade Day with the Canadian Consulate and CBP.


  1. We will seek to implement our North Country Works agenda with State support in 2020.
  2. We will continue our effective and important commitments in the areas of Workplace Safety and Human Resource Management.
  3. As requested by our members, the Chamber will continue to play an active role in addressing the changing workforce needs of the North Country, acting as appropriate in the roles it can best play: monitor, advisor, facilitator, communicator and advocate. This will include, among other commitments, a leadership role in the CV-TEC Advisory Council and in maximization of the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing at Clinton Community College.
  4. We will continue to participate actively in the North Country Workforce Development Board and its programs, endeavoring to help guarantee that its work remains responsive to the employer community and is focused on tangible progress and effective problem solving.
  5. We will continue to coordinate the regional Aerospace and Transportation Equipment Workforce Development Task Force and coordinate the pursuit and implementation of its goals and objectives.
  6. We will maintain and update the Chamber's various workforce development programs and services, including our Job Fairs, the Spousal Employment Network, and our out-of-area recruitment tools such as
  7. We will seek continuation and growth of the Chamber of Commerce On-the-Job Training Program.
  8. We will maintain participation in such workforce and education related coalitions and alliances as the North Country STEM Hub, AIME, Ready 4 Work and others.
  9. We will further build our partnership with Clarkson University.
  10. We will participate as an active advisor in maximizing the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing at Clinton Community College.
  11. We will continue to serve as the lead in meeting the workforce and other needs of Norsk Titanium.


  1. We will generally continue to encourage and promote "regionalism" as the core ingredient for successful economic development in the North Country.
  2. Consistent with our core belief that "where things move is where prosperity occurs", we will continue to play a leading role in highlighting transportation related needs and opportunities in the North Country and seeking required resources and commitments.  The highlight will be continued growth and development of the North American Center of Excellence for Transportation Equipment as a collaborative force for support for our regional and bi-national clusters.
  3. We will continue to play an appropriate role in addressing the special economic development challenges and needs within the Adirondack Park.
  4. We remain committed to our leadership role in both the Pfizer and Chateaugay redevelopment efforts.
  5. We remain committed to the pursuit and support of expanded access to affordable broadband throughout the North Country and to closure of our region’s major gaps in cell service.
  6. We will continue to work closely with our transportation equipment companies in support of contract and business opportunities, as well as with other regional companies as opportunities and needs arise.
  7. We will continue to host and organize "Red Carpet Days" for economic development prospects.
  8. We will continue our enhanced partnership with the Development Corporation.
  9. We will actively assist in the Start Up NY initiative in our region, as well as the Clarkson “Innovation  Hot Spot” hub and spoke strategy.
  10. We will continue to promote and support exports and foreign direct investment.


  1. We will fully meet our commitments to the Clinton County Legislature for the most effective possible marketing and development activities in 2020 at Plattsburgh International Airport, in accordance with our 2020 Airport Marketing and Development Plan.
  2. We will continue to lead the New York State presence at the Paris and Farnborough Air Shows.
  3. We will continue to engage in activities with Aero Montreal under our 2017 agreement.


  1.  We will work diligently and effectively to maintain and enhance access and influence through post-election transitions at the state and federal levels.

b) We will work actively within well-chosen coalitions to effectively advocate for business and the North Country at the state level, including Unshackle Upstate, and the Business Council of New York State.

c) We will conduct our Annual Issue Survey early in 2020, and will utilize the findings to work on behalf of our members in Albany and Washington.

  1. We acknowledge our high profile and impact in Washington and Albany, and we again commit to continuing this profile and presence and to the provision of the necessary time and resources.
  2. While holding to our positions and principles, we will also constantly endeavor to develop and nurture working relationships with key federal and state officials, positioning our Chamber to have maximum future effectiveness as the voice of the North Country economy.
  3. We will again conduct North Country Day in Washington, and will actively assist with Adirondack Day in Albany. 
  4. We will adopt and, as appropriate during the year, update and amend a comprehensive Government Affairs Agenda of issues on the federal, state and regional levels.


  1. We will fully and aggressively implement the separately adopted 2020 Marketing Plan through our Adirondack Coast Visitors Bureau.
  2. We will continue to guide and facilitate our Destination Master Plan process.


  1. We fully embrace the plans for expanded international events in our region, and commit to an active leadership role in such upcoming events as the World University Games in 2023.


  1. OTHER 2020:
  1. We will identify and pursue the best strategies and approaches for managing and evolving our health insurance services in 2020 in accord with current and anticipated changes in the federal and state health insurance marketplace, aiming to maintain and grow our role and our revenues.


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