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5/11/2021   - 2CRSi to Establish Tech Campus and Green Datacenter in Rouses Point, New York

San Jose (United States), May 11, 2021 - 2CRSi (ISIN: FR0013341781), a manufacturer of high-performance, energy-efficient computer servers, has selected Rouses Point, New York to establish a US campus and a green datacenter.
The tech campus is to become a center of expertise in the United States for 2CRSi, bringing together hardware production, sales, training, research and development and support functions, as well as a datacenter providing customers with green housing and hosting services.
Located at the gateway to the Quebec-New York Corridor, between New York City and Montreal, the former Pfizer site is being redeveloped by ERS Investors and will be specifically designed in part by 2CRSi for its project in Clinton County, New York, just half a mile from the Canadian border.