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3/2/2021   - Smardt High-Efficiency Chiller Manufacturer Announces Expansion Plans in Plattsburgh, NY

Smardt High-Efficiency Chiller Manufacturer Announces Expansion Plans in Plattsburgh, NY

Smardt Chiller Group, pioneer and still no 1 in the global oil-free centrifugal chiller market segment, today announced its plans to expand operations at its Plattsburgh, NY facility.

Smardt headquartered in Montreal with manufacturing facilities in Canada, China, Australia, Germany, and the U.K. first opened its Plattsburgh, NY operations in 2010, shipping its first "Buy American" chillers later that year. Since then, production flow of both air-cooled and water-cooled oil-free centrifugal Smardt chillers have been steadily increasing to major U.S. customers in both government and private sectors, contributing to an installed base of more than 9000 chillers worldwide. Smardt chillers save up to 60% energy consumption compared with traditional lubricated chillers.

Heating and cooling buildings accounts for over 40% of total US energy consumption, so the Smardt contribution to the environment can be very large.

“Today we’re pleased to unveil our new Plattsburgh training center that will offer regularly scheduled certification programs for U.S.-based technicians to develop the skills required to operate Smardt oil-free chiller products” said Vince Canino, CEO of Smardt Chiller Group. “We’re excited to expand our Plattsburgh facility and are looking forward to further developing relationships with local universities and government as Smardt grows its U.S. manufacturing, service and training offerings in Plattsburgh.”

"We had the pleasure of working with Smardt when they first located their U.S. operation in Plattsburgh and it has been a pleasure to work with them again as they bring new activities here," says Garry Douglas, President of the North Country Chamber of Commerce. "Smardt's eco-friendly chillers are positioned to be a contributing part of the green economy ahead, and their new U.S. training center will be bringing technicians from across the country here, directly adding activity at the airport. We thank the Smardt Chiller Group for its continued confidence in our area and look forward to working with them in new ways for years to come. Onward and upward!"

“I am thrilled that the Smardt Chiller Group’s manufacturing facility in Plattsburgh will now also be home to a Smardt training center. This new vocational education center will have a tangible, positive impact on our North Country economy, and we welcome the technicians as they enjoy all that our communities have to offer.” - Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, New York’s 21st Congressional District

“I applaud and thank Smardt Chiller Group for making this important investment that will no doubt keep them at the forefront in this unique market,” said Senator Dan Stec. “Today’s announcement is another example of the great things we see happening in Plattsburgh, despite the challenges caused by the pandemic, that are keeping people working, businesses growing and the region’s worldwide reputation for excellence in manufacturing flourishing.”

“The expansion of the Smardt Chiller Group’s Plattsburgh facilities is welcome news for the North Country,” Assemblyman Billy Jones said. “Since Smardt plans to offer certification programs for its products at the new training center, thiswill open up more opportunities for the local workforce and recent graduates tojoin this unique technological field. I want to thank Smardt Chiller Group forinvesting in our region and look forward to seeing the completed expansion.”

“Clinton County extends their sincere congratulations to Smardt Chiller on their expansion and establishment of a training center at Plattsburgh International Airport. We are pleased that they have chosen to further their US presence here in Clinton County, and proud to facilitate their investment in our community. Plattsburgh International Airport continues to serve as a strong economic development tool by offering space for new investments in an active industrial corridor with access to convenient transportation by air, rail, and highway, and Smardt's commitment demonstrates its significance to the North Country economy.” -  Mark R. Henry, Chairperson, Clinton County Legislature

“We join the North Country Chamber, state and local officials in celebration of the Smardt Chiller Group expansion here in the Town of Plattsburgh. The new training center is an exciting addition. Everyone can look forward to our region serving as a host for their U.S. based technicians while they attend the center for certification. We look forward to Smardt’s continued growth and innovation in this field.” -  Michael S. Cashman, Plattsburgh Town Supervisor