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The North Country Chamber of Commerce has released "NORTH COUNTRY FORWARD", a plan for supporting business reopening in the North Country.
It sustains and builds upon the Chamber's extensive current activities, and outlines a five step commitment:
  • CONTINUATION: Sustaining its active communications and programming for the regional business community.
  • DIALOGUE AND INPUT: Outlining plans for extensive outreach and engagement with the business community at large and with specific sectors.
  • SAFETY RESOURCE OFFICERS: Identifying the key responsible individuals at each regional business site.
  • TRAINING AND GUIDANCE: A comprehensive commitment to specific information and training programs.
  • PROMOTION/MARKETING/INFORMATION: Coordinated assistance for appropriately revised marketing and informational efforts in areas such as tourism and economic development.
The full outline is available HERE and will be a living guide for the Chamber's efforts with and on behalf of regional business, subject to weekly review and updates. The various endeavors to be implemented under the plan will also assist the Chamber in interacting actively and effectively on behalf of the business community with emerging committees and planning processes at the federal, state, regional and local levels.