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5/27/2021   - Full Schedule of Events set to Safely Return to the Adirondack Coast

City of Plattsburgh and Adirondack Coast Visitors Bureau excited to welcome events back!

Plattsburgh – 5/27/2021 – The City of Plattsburgh and Adirondack Coast Visitors Bureau, a division of the North Country Chamber of Commerce, are happy to welcome 5 professional bass fishing tournaments and the IJSBA National Championships back to Lake Champlain this summer.  All New York State COVID-19 guidelines will be followed for each event and the health and safety of our community stays top priority. 

For the past 20 year the City of Plattsburgh has been a tremendous partner on the scheduling and hosting of the tournaments and beach events.  They have provided consistently with personal, facilities, support and a true commitment to bring these events to life.  We thank them for their partnership.

With the continued closure of the Canadian border, events like these are so important and will serve as a much needed economic boost to not only our hospitality sector, but our region as a whole.  We are hopeful that they will also serve as an example of how our region can safely take steps back to normalcy after a long year and a half.

These six events will attract over 2,000 athletes and their families to the Adirondack Coast.  All of whom need a place to stay (hotels, campgrounds, and vacation rentals), restaurants to eat at, stores to shop at, attractions to visit and plenty of gas to fill the tanks of their boats, trucks and jet skis! 

"These summer events show that our Lake Champlain area continues to be a world class recreational attraction,” says Garry Douglas, President of the North Country Chamber of Commerce.  "To win a few such events would be a real achievement but our team has secured six opportunities this summer season to welcome visiting competitors and their families, helping our hospitality businesses as they start to recover from the pandemic, while securing national and international attention that will remind Americans of all that we offer as travel activities resume in the coming months. And best of all, we have shown we know how to do these events safely based on the successful conduct of a major tournament last summer, meeting stringent state and county standards. We thank the Adirondack Coast Visitors Bureau, a division of the North Country Chamber of Commerce for winning these events for our area, we thank the city and county for all of their collaboration and support, and we thank the various event leaders for their confidence and for their selection of one of the world's greatest lakes as the site of these 2021 competitions.

In 2017, the Adirondack Coast Visitors Bureau, in conjunction with Professor Stephen C. Henry of SUNY Plattsburgh, conducted an economic impact study on the annual bass fishing tournaments.  Here are a few numbers to show just how impactful these events are to the region:

  • $3,291,710 was generated in direct and indirect spending to the region
  • Respondents stayed an average of 4.93 nights during each stay, which was up from 4.27 in the previous impact study conducted in 2015 - this represents an increase of over 15% in the average length of stay
  • 41.3 full-time jobs were created in Clinton County because of these tournaments, up from 21 full-time jobs in 2015
  • 44% of the respondents make 2 or more trips to the Adirondack Coast each year

The professor concluded that “on average the Adirondack Coast Visitors Bureau spent $71,500 on host fees for the six tournaments hosted in 2017.  The state and local tax revenue alone more than offsets these costs.  When one considers the value added to the local economy, it is clear that the bass fishing tournaments represent a remarkable return on investment for the Adirondack Coast.”  In addition to the economic impact of the tournaments, ongoing media exposure and recognition worldwide from outlets such as ESPN and well known recreation publications reaching over 100 million households respectively, increases the potential impact on Clinton County as Lake Champlain and Plattsburgh become synonymous with world-class fishing. 

Adding the IJSBA National Championships presented by East Coast Watercross to the mix will not only heighten the economic impact, but will also provide an exciting viewing experience for any spectators wanting to check the event out at the Plattsburgh City Beach.  This event is closed course buoy racing on personal watercraft with as many as 16 watercraft competing on the same course at the same time with each one trying to cross the finish line first.

We hope that our community will come out and catch the excitement at the Pro Bass Fishing Tournaments and IJSBA National Championships on Lake Champlain!

Full Event Schedule:




July 8-11

Bassmaster Elite Series

Plattsburgh Waterfront & Plattsburgh Boat Basin

July 15-17

FLW Toyota Series

Plattsburgh Waterfront & Plattsburgh Boat Basin

July 24


Plattsburgh Waterfront & Plattsburgh Boat Basin

July 31-August 1

IJSBA National Championships
presented by East Coast Watercross

Plattsburgh City Beach

August 5-10

MLF Bass Pro Tour

Plattsburgh Waterfront & Plattsburgh Boat Basin

September 18-19

ABA Open Series

Plattsburgh Waterfront & Plattsburgh Boat Basin

These events would not be possible without the continued support of Clinton County, who we work with on funding these tournaments through the occupancy tax.  Their continued trust in the Visitors Bureau and Chamber on Destination Marketing and Development is the driving force behind funding these tournaments year after year, Thank you!

Community Leaders and Organizers are excited to see these events come to life.  Here is what they have to say:

Assemblyman Billy Jones, 115th District
“Too many North Country businesses have struggled over the past year because of canceled events such as fishing tournaments, along with the United States-Canada border closure. The announcement that 5 pro fishing tournaments and the East Coast Watercross Event will be hosted this year on Lake Champlain is wonderful news for our regional economy as we recover from the pandemic and start the summer season. These events are not just important to local businesses but also to many locals who attend the weigh-ins and closing ceremonies making these annual events something that residents look forward to each year. These outdoor events can be done safely by following social distancing protocols and are great opportunities for visitors to experience what the Adirondack Coast has to offer and to enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Champlain.”

Senator Daniel Stec
“Exciting outdoor sporting events that bring people from all over the country to our region is just what our local economy needs, especially hospitality,” said Senator Dan Stec.  “Add to that the morale-boosting visual of seeing a lot people out on the lake doing what they love makes this a true win-win.  I’m very grateful to Garry Douglas and the North Country Chamber, and everyone else who has worked hard to make these events possible.  This is great news for the North Country region, which not only is blessed with incredible natural resources, but also many hardworking and talented people who make good things like this happen.”

Chairman Mark Henry, Clinton County Legislators
“On behalf of the entire Clinton County Legislature, we are excited to welcome some of the country’s best anglers back to Clinton County.  Not only will this year’s slate of tournaments allow us to once again showcase the most the nation’s most beautiful lake, but will provide a much-needed boost to the local economy as we return to normalcy.”   
Mayor Rosenquest, Mayor of Plattsburgh
“Over the last several years we've seen the importance, popularity, and excitement of these fishing tournaments as they grow. The City of Plattsburgh is proud to play host to the anglers, media, and event organizers on the shores of our amazing lake.”

Michael Cashman, Town of Plattsburgh Supervisor
“From uptown to downtown the Greater Plattsburgh region looks forward to showcasing the Adirondack Coast again this year. For many of the anglers this will be a welcome return to Lake Champlain. For newbies rest assure it won’t be their last visit. They are all sure to find great lodging, restaurants and world class fishing.”

Bruce Akin, B.A.S.S CEO
“We appreciate the efforts and flexibility of our friends in the City of Plattsburgh and The Adirondack Coast Visitors Bureau for the past two years as they’ve worked alongside our team to put on Bassmaster Elite Series tournaments,” said B.A.S.S. CEO Bruce Akin. “There is a reason Lake Champlain has hosted 13 major B.A.S.S. events and was named one of Bassmaster Magazine’s Best Bass Lakes of the Decade — this is an extraordinary fishery and our anglers love to compete here.”

Michael Mulone, Sr. Director of Events & Partnerships for MLF
“The Adirondack Coast Visitors Bureau and the City of Plattsburgh have a long history of hosting our tournaments and we are so grateful for this continued partnership,” said Michael Mulone, Sr. Director of Events & Partnerships for MLF. “The Toyota Series and Bass Pro Tour tournaments will generate significant, tangible economic impact in the community, plus highlight the region and beautiful Lake Champlain on our many media platforms.”

Christopher Yates, East Coast Watercross President
"East Coast Watercross LLC is proud to announce their return to the Plattsburgh City Beach for their third hosting of the International Jet Sports Boating Association's National Championship! With many beaches and locations to choose from in our 13 state territory, Plattsburgh is always our first choice due to its size, water conditions and local businesses who welcome ourselves and athletes from all over the country with open arms! We hope to see you all there on the beach supporting these athletes as they battle on the shore of Lake Champlain."

Julie Kramer, CHA, Chief Operating Officer, Best Western Plus Plattsburgh
Managing through the pandemic in the hospitality industry has been devastating.  The simple fact that our Canadian neighbors cannot come to our region has had an overall negative impact in so many ways.  Canadian business would normally make up a large portion of our summer business and that business is not returning any time soon.  As we are moving forward out of this crisis having the Fishing Tournaments coming to town throughout the summer and the Water Cross event coming will significantly impact our industry with much needed room occupancy as well as help other businesses in our area.  We need to continue to utilize the beautiful lake and mountains as a draw for these events and other ones like it along with tourism in general to help us all sustain our businesses.

The Visitors Bureau would also like to thank Eagle Country 97.5 and Sun Community News for being our media sponsors and helping us get the word out about the events to our local community.

For more information on these events visit!