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2/2/2021   - Business Community Voice Views of Key Issues

Business Community Voice Views of Key Issues

We once again conducted our Annual Issues Survey in late January, obtaining a valuable snapshot of the collective thinking of the North Country business community on a number of timely issues now being addressed in Washington and Albany.
Federal Issues
The top priority for action at the federal level is, far and away, "taking all possible steps to help accelerate the production and delivery of COVID-19 vaccines". 98% agree with this as a priority and, in comparison with other issues, 79% identify it as Priority #1.
Federal priority #2 is a tie. There is equal support for cooperation and planning aimed at the eventual normalization of U.S.-Canada border crossings, and for a new federal COVID relief bill including substantial aid to state and local governments.
In other responses
  • 90% support a major new federal infrastructure bill
  • 88% support restoration of SALT (state and local tax) deductibility
  • 52% oppose a $15 national minimum wage while 48% support it
New York State Issues
At the New York State level, expressed priorities for this year are:
  1. Close broadband and cell phone service gaps
  2. No new small business mandates
  3. Close the state budget gap with no tax increases
In other responses
  • 92% want employers exempted from UI experience ratings for pandemic layoffs
  • 90% ask that any marijuana legalization include strong employer protections for liability and safety
  • 90% support small business tax relief as part of recovery efforts
  • 70% support continued state investment in ORDA's Olympic venues
These results have been shared with our federal and state representatives and will be an important part of our active advocacy this year in Albany and Washington on behalf of the North Country economy.